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Running Doxygen

The Mezzanine API is nearly 100% described in the Doxygen documentation. This API documentation is intended as a reference (rather than tutorial) and comes in the Mezzanine github repository . A version of this documentation is periodically updated and made available as the BlackTopp Studios API documentation, but this can be out of date by several months. If you want the most updated version of the API the most reliable solution is to build the API documentation from the source code you have.

Tools Required

To build the API documentation you will need Doxygen and Graphviz . These are available from their respective websites’ download pages:

Windows and Mac OS X users will have to manually install these. Linux users may be able to automatically install these tools from their distro’s repository with their package manager. Here is an example on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz

Cmake and the Build Target

When configuring CMake enabling the "Mezz_Doc" will cause doxygen documentation to be built with any full build or any build of the “MezzanineDocumentation” build target. Either check the box from the cmake-gui and from the command prompt you can use:

cmake ../Mezzanine/ -DMezz_Doc:boolean=true

For more details on how to use cmake see the section on Using CMake in the Building the Mezzanine Engine page.

In Code::Blocks You can build the documentation by simply selecting this from the “Build target:” menu, then clicking the gear icon to build. If you generated build files that use make, you should be able to build the documentation with:

make MezzanineDocumentation

Or if you had cmake emit ninja build scripts

ninja MezzanineDocumentation

Any of these documentation build processes will read the doxygen config file, found at ‘docs/doxygen/doxyfiles/Doxyfile’ relative to the root of the source repo. They will output html documentation to ‘docs/doxygen/html’ which you can browse in any web browser by opening ‘docs/doxygen/html/index.html’.

If you use a modern IDE and wish to update documenation, any warnings or errors should be presented much the same compiler warnings or errors. In the Code::Blocks ‘Build Messages’ tab or Qt Creator ‘Issues’ panel you should be able to click or double click a specific item and have it take you to the documentation problem in the source code.