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Mac OS X Development Tools
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IDE - Integrated Development Environment

XCode is the de facto IDE on Mac OS X, but Code::blocks IDE works as well. Installation should be straightforward. In the past there was a problem with one of it’s plugins that made it highly unstable. If you are still experiencing this, go in to the plugins menu and disable the keyboard shortcut plugin. Overall, codeblocks is less stable on the , but it is still usable.

GCC or Clang

Gcc or Clang are found in the xcode development pack, which should just come with your system, but I couldn’t find it so I had to download it from apple’s development site . You can find it in development tools. You have to register, but it there is no monetary cost for it.


You can download the latest git for mac from the Git scm site .

Something should be said about sublime text and what about GUIs for git?