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Linux Development Tools

Installing the developer tool is pretty easy on most Linux workstations, we have only performed it on Ubuntu recently. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work on any Linux distrobution as long as it provide the required packages or you are able to compile them from source. Here we detail the setups we have performed.

Ubuntu Install

Installing the developer tools on Ubuntu is incredibly easy. Just run this one command from a terminal and it will install all the required tools at once for you.

sudo apt-get install g++ git cmake

This leaves you with compiler, tools to download our code from Github , and a way to create build scripts to simplify compilation. We use a few more tools than that in a typical day working on the Mezzanine and Catch!. To get a set of tools similar to our please run the following:

sudo apt-get install g++ gdb codeblocks qtcreator doxygen texlive-font-utils graphviz git-core pkg-config cmake-gui cmake autoconf pkg-config swig ninja-build mercurial

What Are the Tools

Most of the Tools are explained on the C++ Training and Tools page, but some we have included here because they seem to get more use on Linux workstations.

Getting the Source Code

Once you have the tools installed all you should have to do to get the code repository is run the following command:

git clone git://github.com/BlackToppStudios/Mezzanine.git

Preparing for Compilation

Before you can compile the Mezzanine Engine and Catch! you will need to install the libraries that the engine is built on top of. See the page on Installing Linux Engine Dependencies for more details.

What’s next

If you aren’t comfortable with your coding skills you should read about C++ Training and Tools. If you are comfortable with your coding skills and have the tools installed reading up on the Mezzanine Engine Dependencies could be useful or you could go right onto Building the Mezzanine Engine if you think already have all the software installed.