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C++ Training and Tools

For many of the people on this team, these are tools and tutorials we learned with and use. We keep some links and information here to make it easy for people to jump into our team. Please don’t think that because you use different tools we don’t want your help, this is what we have used and might recommend, not what everyone should use for everything. If you have some info, particularly information about any tools or techniques not well covered we would love to include it.

Coding Tools

Since we have an open policy towards helping non-developers get started, we want to make it easy to get started as a developer and learn about our tools about our tools.

Compilers and Development Environments

We primarily use G++/MinGW for a compiler, Code::blocks for our Development environment, and GDB as our debugger. Code::blocks makes it all pretty seamless. There are a few different platforms that we do not have comprehensive steps for working on because we have not ported Catch! and the Mezzanine Engine to them yet. Please make appropriate revisions here once you have the steps to do something new.

Eventually we will need Dev tool pages for Mac OS, Iphone, Android, Several Consoles, Other Mobile.

Git - Source Revision Control

Git is our source control system. This is how we keep everyone up to up to date. See above for instructions on getting Git for your workstation. To grab a copy of the code run the following command from at a command line, or “git bash” terminal. If you are using a graphical git client just use the URL portion of the command:

git clone git://github.com/BlackToppStudios/Mezzanine.git

For more details on Git usage see some third party tutorials:


Since this whole project is being built in standard C++ (or certain external libraries), we thought it would be prudent to include some resources for learning it:

Standard C++ Tutorials

If you have never used C++ and you need to somewhere to get started tutorials might be ideal:

Beyond Tutorials

To expand on basic knowledge or round

Gaming Sources